December 2015

Norfolk Matters

Buy a Highway Rangers 'top-up' service


Parish councils can now pay for a ‘top up’ service from the County Council’s Highway Rangers.

Current and future levels of funding for highway maintenance mean that the County Council cannot afford to carry out as much work as it would wish.

This initiative allows highway maintenance works to be carried out that are important to the community but would be considered low priority on the council’s highway defect register.

The scope of works could include shallow pothole repairs on minor roads and other activities such as verge repairs, grass strimming and sign cleaning.

Work would be ordered and paid for by the parish, for a minimum half day visit – the cost of which would be £300 plus VAT for two Rangers.  This cost includes labour, transport, materials, fuel, temporary traffic management, insurance and supervision.

Interested councils can contact their local Highway Engineer for more details.


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