Norfolk Matters

Over 100 bids for Parish Partnership funding


The County Council has received 118 bids for funding in the latest round of the council's successful Parish Partnerships Scheme.

The scheme sees the County Council matching the amount contributed by the local council, with a total pot of £300,000 available to bid for.
Letters were sent to councils in June, telling them information about the scheme and how to bid.

The types of schemes that could be acceptable are:

  • Improved crossing facilities.
  • Improvements to Public Rights of Way.
  • Flashing signs to tackle speeding.
  • Part-time 20mph signs with flashing warning lights, outside schools.
  • Small lengths of formal footway.
  • Trods (a simplified and low cost footway).

Schemes could be within or off the highway, provided they are linked to the highway. If they are off the highway the future responsibility for the maintenance would fall to the parish or town council.

The County Council will decide which bids have been successful in March.

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